Trackon Tracking

Trackon couriers was established in 2002. Trackon is a global courier service company which has its netowrk across 1400 locations. In 2010, trackon has started the express devliery, prime track, which is a massive success and helped in the growth of the organisation.

Just inline with other courier services, trackon couriers also offering Cash on delivery feature to its customers. However this COD service is available only for companies. As of now this COD service is supported in 96 major cities in India. Trackon couriers gaurantees the security, fast devliery of the parcels. Since the courier services are premium, the cost is bit more expensive when compared to the Indian postal services.

trackon courier

Trackon courier also ships its consignments to international locations. It ships goods to various countires like UK, australia, ships from India to usa. Bulk consignments are shipped in containers through air ways or ships. Trackon has huge warehouses (logistics) for storing the goods and packages.

Trackon is investing a lot in technology to provide better services to its customers. Trackon belives that it will add more value to its business by providing clear documentation handling huge volumes of products, cargo and parcels to its customers. Trackon primary goal is to satisy its customers by taking care of the requirement, providing required information, resolving any queries and working with commitment.

Trackon Courier Tracking Services

rackon is only providing the online method of tracking. It is not providing sms service for tracking the status of the shipment.